Coming soon, abstracts of the following:

Constructing Learning Through the Creative Evaluation of Visual Arts Production, in Online Evaluation of Creativity and the Arts (Routledge Press, expected 2015)

Visualization Interactivity in Virtual Immersive Domes (VIVID): Supporting Learner Constructed Scientific Understandings and Critical Literacies (2012)

Visualizing Imaginaries of the Cosmos through a Techno-Artistic Imagination (2011)

One Sinister Looking Hurricane: Rethinking Collaborative Visualization.” (under review)

Opportunities for Humanities Scholarship in Immersive Scientific Visualizations (2011)

A Techno-Passion that is Not One: Rethinking Marginality, Exclusion, and Difference (2011)

An Intersectional Reading of Gender & Technology (2010)

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