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EPSY 408 – Adult Learning and Development with Educational Technologies University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), College of Education, Course designer & instructor

Course description
Course content focused on how specific technologies may be used to support adult learning and development, and how to connect learning objectives and adult learning models/theory to create effective and researched-based instructional designs. The course provided an overview of behavioral, cognitive, social constructivist, cultural, motivational-emotional, values-driven, and identity-driven dimensions of adult development. Emergent ideas from neuroscience, connectionist theories, and new ideas for supporting creative and critical thinking were also explored. The course developed students’ skills in identifying, selecting, and justifying the selection, design, and/or implementation of technologies in order to promote adult development and learning. Course activities included readings, critical reflection, participating in synchronous and asynchronous online discussions, and analyzing technologies for their learning affordances. [pdf: EPSY 408_Instructional Design Doc]

Screen shots of the course Moodle:
Left: Organization and delivery of course information and media
Right: Asynchronous discussion forum that illustrates a social constructivist aspect of the course
Behaviorist_hyperlink-training.     Critical_Metacog_SocConstructivist

Screen shots of the course wiki:

Graphic organizers:
EPSY408 Andragogy slide    EPSY408 ReflectivePractice slide



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